Bodhipala     Constitution of Buddha Mangala

Mangala is a very old word. It was used even by historical Buddha to describe all kinds of benefits. Our spiritual group “Buddha Mangala” considers general benefit of man and its activities are designed to help to present man to find what he is seeking. Mangala is a free civic society of people who have found in the original Buddha’s teaching not only a profound universal wisdom but also practical guidance how to give to one’s own life orientation, dimension and a real purpose or reason.

The aim of the group is to create conditions and background for studies and practice of Buddha’s teaching with the intention to see and understand profoundly our life experience. Awakening to truth then corrects our false egocentric view, which distorts our perseverance of the world, and it will free us from the source of unnecessary life unsatisfactoriness. The goal of the path is to take the right view and relation to oneself and whole universe. It is the relation free from greed, hatred, clinging and delusion, the relation filled by compassion, freedom and wisdom.



Webmaster: Buddha Mangala